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Compact 2 (Generator Only)


Generator Only without electrodes, electrode holder or flask


Product description

This is the ideal generator for the regular user or small business user. It takes all of the complexity out of the colloidal silver manufacturing process. We have taken great strides to make the efficiency of this unit as high as possible so that it is equally at home running from mains power or from a USB battery pack. With its compact LCD display, you always know what it is doing and how far along the process has progressed.

The power supplies we sell are standard micro USB 5v supplies so the unit will work with most phone chargers and Apple chargers if you plug a micro USB lead into the charger instead of the Apple lightning lead. If you already have one of these you can save money by selecting the POWER NONE option.

Package Contents

1 x C-Silver Compact Colloidal Silver generator with Auto Polarity Reversal, Dynamic Current Control, Dynamic Stir Control and USB software interface.

1 x 3.5mm Jack lead with crocodile clips for attaching to electrodes.
1 x Mains adapter with 50cm micro USB lead(please specify country style or select POWER NONE if you already have one)

This listing is for the Generator only and this is intended for people that already have a Colloidal Silver generator and wish to upgrade the Generator to the latest technology whilst retaining your own silver electrodes and process vessel/jar.

We have taken great care to produce a unit that will produce top quality Colloidal Silver that has extremely small (Nano) particle sizes in a reliable and consistent way. The unit will test the quality of the water before starting the process and warn you if it is unsuitable. Once started the unit will measure the current many times per second and calculates the amount of Silver that has been deposited into the water using the Faraday equation. The electrode polarity is periodically reversed to eliminate deposits and keep the electrodes clean. Once the desired concentration has been reached it will automatically shut off. It contains a variable speed computer controlled magnetic stirring system to ensure that the solution is continually stirred at the correct speed.

For advanced users you can adjust the electrode current and solution strength using rotary controls on the back of the unit.

For the home user it is as simple as filling the flask pressing the start button and waiting for the unit to indicate when complete. The micro-processor does all the hard work while you get on with other things.

Additional information

Power Supply

Power None, Power UK, Power EU, Power US