Electrode holder (Wide mouth Mason Jar)


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Replacement electrode holder for use with screw in or strip electrodes.  This is designed to fit in the standard wide mouth Mason Jar lid or can just be used to span any other jar style.

The mason jar and electrodes are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included in the purchase.

These jars are widely available in most countries from Amazon or similar online retailers in sizes from 946ml (32oz) up to 1892ml (64oz) and are available in clear or amber which is perfect for storing light sensitive products such as colloidal silver.

Using a mason jar as your production vessel is a great way to make colloidal silver. When completed, just remove the adapter and replace with the original seal lid and you have a nice air tight and light proof container. If you are not in the UK it will likely be cheaper to buy the jar locally as these jars are heavy (450g) and the extra shipping cost will far exceed the value of the jar but we do normally have the 946ml size available in our online store if you still wish to buy these from us.

Covid update.
There is an ongoing shortage of Mason Jars due to a boom in home canning during the pandemic.  We are currently out of stock of the glass jars and are not sure when we will have new stock. This adapter will still work fine resting on top of any other style of jar but is especially suited to the Ball Mason style jar with the retaining rim.