Legend – Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Copper, Colloidal Gold Generator


The perfect unit for the regular user. Computer controlled for guaranteed perfect and repeatable results. Measuring a tiny 4″ x 4″ x 2″ (100mmx100mmx50mm), this unit is a really compact powerhouse with more features than any other unit on the market today.

Fully adjustable Current, PPM and Flask Volume with precision auto-off feature and built in laboratory style magnetic stirrer.

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This is our top of the range generator for the regular user or small business user. It takes all of the complexity out of the colloidal manufacturing process. We have taken great strides to make the efficiency of this unit as high as possible so that it is equally at home running from mains power or from a USB battery pack. With its large colour LCD display, you always know what it is doing and how far along the process has progressed. The display has twice the resolution of the compact-3 so we have added more info onto the display that used to only be available on the PC software which is now no longer required on the Legend. You now have a milli-amp meter so you can see when the unit reaches it’s current limit and a PPM display so you can watch the progress. With it’s multi metal support you can be sure of maintaning your supply essential elements whatever happens in the world.

Package Contents

1 x Legend Colloidal generator with Multi-Metal support,Auto Polarity Reversal, Dynamic Current Control, Dynamic Stir Control.

1 x Mason Jar style electrode holder (supports all electrode types)
1 x 3.5mm Jack lead for electrode holder.
2 x 125mm 99.99 Silver Strip Electrodes
1 x PTFE magnetic mixing bar
1 x Mains adapter (select type at checkout)
1 x USB lead

We have taken great care to produce a unit that will produce top quality Colloids that has extremely small (Nano) particle sizes in a reliable and consistent way. The unit will test the quality of the water before starting the process and warn you if it is unsuitable. Once started the unit will measure the current many times per second and calculates the amount of Metal that has been deposited into the water using the Faraday equation. The electrode polarity is periodically reversed to eliminate deposits and keep the electrodes clean. Once the desired concentration has been reached it will automatically shut off. It contains a variable speed computer controlled magnetic stirring system to ensure that the solution is continually stirred at the correct speed.

You can adjust the electrode current and solution strength using rotary control on the front of the unit.

For the home user it is as simple as filling a container with distilled water, pressing the start button and waiting for the unit to indicate when complete. The micro-processor does all the hard work while you get on with other things.

If you want more substantial electrodes, take a look at our deluxe upgrade kit which has larger electrodes, flask and a flask style electrode holder at a discount compared to individual items.

The unit is supplied with silver strip electrodes only and other metal electrodes are available in our store.

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